Gimme 5: Rose Harrison


I recently spoke with Rose Harrison, a painter who currently resides in Columbus and whose husband is stationed at Columbus about her introduction to the world of art, her influences, and her current collection, “Different Parts,” is currently on exhibit in the Artist’s Alley section of the Rosenzweig Arts Center, through August 31st. This is her first public exhibit of her work.

  1. Have you had any formal art training or are you self-taught?

Harrison replied, “Some type of creativity has always been in my family. My brother does art. My uncle is in the culinary field. It’s kind of just been around me my whole life.” Harrison continued, “When we moved here from California, and away from family and long-time friends, and had new friends over to our house, they would provide a fresh set of eyes, and I got positive feedback from them.”

  1. How long have you been painting?

Harrison stated “The first time that I can remember doing it seriously was when I was a freshman in high school (2010), when I painted my room. My brother painted it, too, so he kind of guided me.”

  1. What artists have influenced your work?

Harrison said that her work was primarily influenced by images that she saw on social media. One artist that she cited as having an influence on her work was the Indonesian artist Nino Yuniardi, who works in the abstract style and who currently lives in Seattle.

  1. What medium do you primarily work in?

Harrison stated that she works almost exclusively in acrylic paint, because of its shorter drying time.

  1. What genre or style do you work in?

Harrison replied that she works in the abstract style. She elaborated, saying, “I like to call my form of art ‘Expression Art.’”

Bonus: Tell us something about you that nobody knows.

Harrison thought for a minute and then stated, “I teach ‘sip and paint” classes through the Base (CAFB) now, but my first time doing this was at my neighbor’s house. Her name is Sarah, and she supplied everything, the wine, the space, and all I had to do was show was show up and teach.” She continued, “Se really encouraged me. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her.”

Harrison is continuing to add more work to her current collection, as she plans to participate in the Downtown Art Walk on September 22nd that is hosted by Main Street Columbus.

You can follow Rose Harrison on Instagram at _roseharts.